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Week 6 - 1.6.20


L.O. I can explain ways in which electricity is generated.

What is electricity?


This term's topic is all about electricity.  Watch this short video and consider what makes all the items work:

All of the items in the clip are powered by electricity.  What do you know about electricity? Where does it come from? How do switches work? Which materials allow electricity to flow through them?  Tell a grown up everything you know about electricity and write a mind map in your book, here is an example of how to lay it out.

Next look at the ppt below, go straight to page 5.

Exciting electricity ppt & activity sheet

Now tell someone in your household  the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy.  What are some renewable ways of getting electricity?


Hunt for items in your house that run on electricity?  Write  list of all the electric items that you can find. Which of the electric items in your house relies on fossil fuels?   Are any powered by renewable energy such as hydro, wind or solar?

How you would cope without each one of these items.

Additional activities on our topic of electricity:

Make an electric buzzer game: