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Week 6 - 1.6.20

Year 2 - Summer Week 6 - 1.6.20

Notice - Amelia would like to share a special recipe with you- could you make this at home? 

Passion Fruit Juice 

Step 1 - 6 passion fruits 

Step 2 - 500ml boiling water And 3 desert spoons of sugar 

Step 3 - Use food blender (Hand held one)  Gently for 20-30seconds to get flesh off pips. 

Step 4 - sieve into another jug

Step 5 - adult to help try sweetness and adjust accordingly. 

Step 6 - add 300-500ml of cold water to finish quantity! 


We made 1 litre of passion fruit juice this morning. This was mummy’s favourite when she lived in St.Lucia and she shares it with me now.

This week we are looking at the suffix -ment. There are different activities linked to suffixes each day.

Continue to share a range of texts and taking it in turns to read or be read to.


1. Use Oxford Owl - username : holbrooky2          Password: booksy2


2. Use epic - log in using the pupil code -  gyq1829

For the next few weeks our work is going to be centered around the following book, so listen carefully to the story and take part in the following reading activities linked to the book.

The Gift of the Inuksuk


This week we are going to be exploring Greenland and the Arctic and comparing it to where we live, in England, within the United Kingdom. 


This week we are going to be problem solving! Each day there will be a different mathematical investigation to explore.


Start each session with a page from the following problem solving powerpoint. There is a page per day and the questions cover a range of maths concepts and ideas. A great way to get the brain working! 

Afternoon Activities 

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