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Week 7 - 08/06/20

Year 5 - Week 7

Monday 8th June 2020


Things are little different this week. Based on my phone conversations with you and your parents, I’ve decided to change the maths slightly this week. Please take a look below at the interesting challenge I’ve set you! I will be personally sending a prize to the winner of our maths challenge this week. Look out below to see how you can win and also vote for your favourite!


I know a lot of you have found it difficult to keep motivated this week, particularly after having a week off the week before. I hope that you will be a little more enthusiastic this week. I’ve tried to make sure that the afternoon activities are practical and you’re not sat at a desk completing these.


Here’s your timetable for this week:




Ninja / TT Rock stars

Maths Challenge


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

Maths Challenge


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

Maths Challenge


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

Maths Challenge


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

Maths Challenge


Spelling practice



Topic activity

Free Choice


Please upload all of your great learning to the website on our blogging page, particularly all of your foodie things! Well done to those who are continually uploading all of the great learning you’re doing.


Remember, stay safe online! Report anything you see which makes you feel uncomfortable to your parents and also report it using the CEOP tool on the school’s website, found on the homepage.


DAY 1 – Reading: I would like you to read through chapter 7 today. This chapter quite clearly shows a really positive relationship between Kensuke and Michael – he’s doing a very good job of looking after him. You’ll notice that the beginning of the chapter has elements of suspense on the second page in. Can you see how long the sentences are? They are all very short and contain one clause. This is a great way to create suspense but also allow us, as the reader, to read through more quickly.


This chapter really creates a great picture of what Kensuke’s cave is like. When you think of a cave, you often think of a dark, damp and cold environment. I’m sure you’d agree, Morpurgo describes Kensuke’s cave in a very positive light. A very vivid picture has been created for us in our minds.


There was also a bit in the chapter which reminded me of Mister Tom and Willie. Can you think of what happened during the chapter which had a very strong connection to the text we previously read?


Writing: Please scan back through the text, make a list of phrases or words which makes the cave have a positive atmosphere. There are lots of features which the author has mentioned during this chapter. These will be needed for your activity tomorrow.




DAY 2 – Art and Reading: Using the information you gained from yesterday’s session, please create a picture of what you think it would have looked like inside Kensuke’s cave.


You may want to create an illustration using colouring pencils or maybe just black and white. You may be feeling more adventurous and have the resources to create a painting.


The notes you made about the different positive features/elements of his cave can be placed to edge of your picture or you may want to incorporate them into little caption boxes when you create your drawing.


If you’ve completed this, why don’t you think about how a negative atmosphere could have been created in the cave. What would have been included? What would we have seen? Create a new picture which has a very different atmosphere to that seen in the book during chapter 7.




DAY 3 – Reading: Please read through chapter 8. The relationship/bond between Kensuke and Michael is very evident during this chapter. Do you think Michael is right to feel reluctant to seek help/communicate with people off the island?


Look at how the author has used speech to bring Kensuke alive. What is his English speaking ability like? Did you find this easy or hard to follow in the text?


Writing: I would like you to imagine that you are writing a note to your parents. The note Michael wrote was quite understandably short.


What information would you include in your note which you are going to put in the Coke bottle? What information would you not/would you share with other people?


Write your note on piece of paper. Find an appropriate bottle to put in in at home. Imagine what it may have looked like if it was washed up on the shore somewhere. Would the paper still be brilliantly white? How could you make your note look worn after you’ve written it?

DAY 4 – Reading/Writing: Chapter 8 sees Kensuke revealing his backstory to Michael and links to our WWII topic from the Autumn Term. During this term, we learnt about Bertie Wombwell and were fortunate to have one of his family members come into school.


I would like you to find out more about the real person below who has a similar story to Kensuke. Use your research notes to create a fact file about Hiroo Onoda (A Japanese Soldier during WWII). Include information on the following:

Summary of Life

Place of Birth



Years of Service


Other Work

DAY 5 – Reading: The bombing of Nagasaki by the Americans was made in retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese. It was a tragic even from history that should never be repeated.


This powerful animation gives you more information about the bombing from one girl’s perspective. Please watch the clip below:

CBBC Newsround: Hiroshima - A survivor's story in animation

Bun Hashizume was 14 years old and lived in Japan, when a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945, at the end of the Second Worl...

Writing: Watch the animation a few times and make notes under the following headings:






While you watch the clip, think about figurative language which could be used e.g. similes, metaphors, personification. Click here to be taken to a website which reminds you about all of the figurative language features.


Now, for your final piece of writing for the week, please create a recount which uses the information you have taken from the video clip. It should be written in first person (using ‘I’). You are going to imagine that you are the person who is recounting this very terrible event.

Spelling Bee

I have introduced some new vocabulary which can be found on the Summer Term II Curriculum Map. Click on the document below to find the vocabulary they you need to use and understand for our current topic.

Focus on ten of these words, probably the ones which you are unsure about. Find a dictionary or go online to find the definition of these and write them in a context. Please also have a look at how successful you are with spelling these. Practise these words using the strategies found below:


Pyramid spellings – Write the words so you start with the first letter, then the next two…


Speed Spell – How many times can you write the word down in 60 seconds.


Spelling Bee – Find an adult to do a spelling bee. They will say the word, you repeat it and then spell it aloud and then the end by saying the letter (What a nice morning. The word is morning. Morning …. M – O – R – N – I – N –G…. Morning) Swap over so your parent has a turn too.


Sentence Building – Write your word in a sentence so you can show you understand how it would work within a context.


SPELLINGS - REYNOLDS RANDOMISER: This week, if you have time, take a look at this online game which you can played called COUNTDOWN.


This is still a popular game aired on channel 4. Click here to be taken to the website. TV legend Richard Whitley used to present this - he's the man pictured above!  

I would like you all to complete your Ninja Maths and TT Rock Stars daily. This will make a massive difference next year, even for those of you who are already very confident!


Maths – Starter Activities (Reynolds Randomiser)

I HAVE CONTINUED TO NOT SET ANY STARTER CHALLENGES. From conversations with pupils and parents, it was obvious that not many of you were completing these as you there was enough to get on with.


Please focus on your Times Table Rock Stars this week and log on daily.


Maths – Ninja Maths

Please continue one Ninja Maths activity per day. Set a timer for five minutes to complete this. Follow the link HERE and you need to click on the box which is in the Week 11-20 area and five sessions per week. You won't need to print these off. Begin working from Week 3/  Session 1.


The answers can be found when you open the PowerPoint below. Remember, these are KS3 questions and some which will be very challenging. Discuss any tricky examples with your adult at home!


Maths – Rock Star Times Tables

Please continue to play TT Rock Stars. I would like you to practise these DAILY – AT LEAST FIVE TIMES PER WEEK. I will be checking the Times Table Rock Star website to see who has been logging in and when.


Click here if you would like to go directly to the TT Rock Stars Homepage.



I appreciate that you have been doing a similar approach to your maths activities each week. This week I have set a challenge for you all. The great thing is that you can complete in ANY WAY you would like.


So, here’s your brief (what you need to do):


I would like you to think about all of the topics you have covered in maths so far this year. I would like you to create a game, using the theme of explorers, which can be played by up to four players which uses the topics we have covered so far in maths. There should only be one winner in the game and it should be aimed at pupils in Year 5.


The game will be played with other people in the class via a video link (your parents must supervise this) or by a voice call (also being supervised by your parents).


You may want to create something as simple as board game using a piece of paper and question cards. Or you may want to go all-out and create a desert island that people have to travel across, scoring points by answering different questions.



-A picture of your game should be uploaded to the class’ blog on Friday this week (12th June 2020).


-You need to write a comment on someone’s post saying ‘I vote for….’ to show who you would like to vote for. This should be completed on Saturday 13th June 2020 or Sunday 14th June 2020.


-You are only able to make one vote.


-The votes will be counted on Monday 15th June at 7:00pm and I will then be sending out a special prize in the post to the winner.


-Any pupils who have not posted a picture on the school’s blog should send a picture to  I will be taking a look at what everyone has completed this week in their maths.


Here are some key questions/areas you might include on your question cards. Please remember a friend in the class will play this. They can work out their answers by writing their calculations on a piece of paper – the questions won’t all have to be completed mentally!


Areas to look at:

-Read, write, order and compare numbers to at least a million

-Read and interpret negative numbers

-Add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits

-Add and subtract numbers mentally

-Solve addition and subtraction multi-step problems

-Identify multiples and factors, including finding all pairs of a number

-Solve problems involving multiplication and division, using knowledge of squares and cubes

-Solve problems involving multiplication and division

-Compare and order fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number

-Read and write decimal numbers as fractions

-Measure and calculate the area/perimeter of rectilinear shapes

-Identify regular and irregular polygons

-Complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables


Please contact a friend/friends to see who you’ll play you’re finished game with. You can make it fun by having ‘chance cards too’ which means they may lose/gain points through just being lucky!


I look forward to see what you all come up with. Have fun…

DAY 2 – Topic: Today we’ll be focusing on how rivers can be used for tourism. There are many local and international rivers which attract many rivers each year. Why do you think that people would visit these rivers? What makes one more special than the other?


Before you begin, make a list of things that would attract tourists to a particular river. Please share any of these examples on our class blogging page – I’m sure this might be helpful to other pupils in the class too!


When you’ve done this, please pick a local or river further afield that you’d like to promote. Today you are going to create something persuasive to get tourists to visit the river you have selected. You can choose how you do this:


-Brochure which includes the reasons you have listed above

-Radio advert/broadcast – using an appropriate recording app on your tablet or phone (speak with an adult for support/supervision with this)

-A TV advert which promotes all of the positive reasons why tourists should visit the river you have selected. Please use an appropriate video recording app (speak with an adult for support/supervision with this)


Your brochure should be no more than one page if you do this. The radio advert/TV example should be no longer than three minutes. Think carefully about the language which you would use for this – link back to the persuasive features we discussed during the last term when you did some persuasive writing.


After you have completed your activity, share this with an activity with an adult/sibling in your household or why not even show a friend from the class. Please remember, if you are showing someone outside of your household and sending an audio/video link, check with an adult before sharing any of this content and think carefully about what means it is being shared. It would be great if this could be shared with granny, for example, by sending it in an email. She would be the only person who could view this. Continue to think about how you behave online safely.




DAY 3 – Science: Today we will continue to look at healthy diets. This week we are going to consider food labelling:


Look at the NHS website:

The website gives guidelines on whether foods are high or low in things like salt, sugar and fats. We are going to look specifically at the salt content in foods.


Foods high in salt have more than 1.5g per 100g (or 0.6g sodium)

Foods low in salt have 0.3g of salt or less per 100g (or 0.1g sodium).


With permission you need to have a look at some of the foodstuffs in your cupboards and decide which foods are high in salt and which are low in salt.

You can present you results in a format of your own choosing e.g.

-table format

-list under 2 headings high and low


You could order the foods from lowest to highest salt content. You could write a small report. You could even use something similar to PicCollage by taking photos and then providing captions for each of these. They could then be easily shared on our class blogging page!

If you’ve finished, look at the sugar content of foods. Is there any relationship (correlation) between the salt and sugar content in foods?




DAY 4 – Computing: Today I would like you to focus on our topic which is ‘explorers’. You will need to follow this link by clicking here.  This will take you to the website where you can download the software.


Kodu lets you create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu will teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use

Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills. The software is free and can quickly be downloaded onto your computer.


Why not take a screen shot of the world you have created and post it on our class blogging page for others to see. I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with.


WARNING: Please don’t spend too long playing this! I don’t want you to get square eyes – remember regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. You may want to play it during the coming week too.




DAY 5 – Free choice: You have, on the whole, been great at following the different tasks and activities I have posted each week. It’s quite difficult to know who’s doing what at home and also how you are all getting on.


Today I thought you could have free choice. I would like you to undertake an activity which links to our current topic: explorers. Could you do something which links to art? Could you make something which uses your design technology skills? Could it be something linked to French?


Today’s activity is entirely up to you. Be creative, have fun and post your outcomes on our class blog.

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