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Week 8 - 15/06/20

Year 5 - Week 8

Monday 15th June 2020


It was great to see all of the great things you’ve been up to this week on our class blog. The maths games look brilliant! Who did you manage to play these with? I’ll be posting out the winner’s prize this week.  Thank you to all those children who put a comment on the blogging page! It was obvious that you reviewed your knowledge well and also spent a lot of time thinking about these, using some creative skills too!


I’ve tried to make a lot of this week’s activities practical in the afternoon. I hope that this is helpful to get you outside or moving around your home. Don’t forget that Mrs Andrews and Mrs Wallis have some pages on the ‘Home Learning’ page which you can take a look at. There are lots of practical things there which you can get on with too.


Remember, if you have any problems during the week to send me an email at school or give the office a quick call. I’ll reply to you via email or catch-up with you during our weekly phone call.


Hope you have a good week!


Mr Reynolds



Ninja / TT Rock stars

White Rose Questions


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

White Rose Questions


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

White Rose Questions


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

White Rose Questions


Spelling practice



Topic activity




Ninja / TT Rock stars

White Rose Questions


Spelling practice



Topic activity


Remember, stay safe online! Report anything you see which makes you feel uncomfortable to your parents and also report it using the CEOP tool on the school’s website, found on the homepage.

Maths – Ninja Maths

Please continue one Ninja Maths activity per day. Set a timer for five minutes to complete this. Follow the link HERE and you need to click on the box which is in the Week 11-20 area and five sessions per week. You won't need to print these off. Begin working from Week 4/  Session 1.


The answers can be found when you open the PowerPoint below. Remember, these are KS3 questions and some which will be very challenging. Discuss any tricky examples with your adult at home!


Maths – Rock Star Times Tables

Please continue to play TT Rock Stars. I would like you to practise these DAILY – AT LEAST FIVE TIMES PER WEEK. I will be checking the Times Table Rock Star website to see who has been logging in and when.


Click here if you would like to go directly to the TT Rock Stars Homepage.

Maths – Main Activities

Please CLICK HERE for this week’s maths activities. Each day has a video which should be watched first, an activity sheet to be completed (found below) and an answer sheet which you can use to check your work with. Please make any corrections if necessary and see where you have made some good mistakes!


Complete the activities for Summer Term, week commencing 15th June 2020. If you would like a paper copy, you can print these off. However, it is possible to do these by looking at your screen! This is great revision of what we have done previously.


Please do try the Year 6 maths examples, AFTER YOU HAVE COMPELTED THE YEAR 5 CONTENT TOO, if you feel confident enough too – it will all be revision next year for you.

Why not try some extra activities by clicking the links below:


Here's one you can play with other family members


Would you rather?


Chocolate challenge




I know I write a lot on the class page – this is to help you understand what you’ve got to do.


Here’s a breakdown of this week:

Day 1 – Read the penultimate chapter

Day 2 – Read the final chapter

Day 3 – Begin to plan your own adventure story (I can’t wait to read these!)

Day 4 / 5 – Begin to write chapter 1 of your adventure story




Day 1 - Reading: Today I would like you to read CHAPTER 9. You will find it interesting to see how Michael and Kensuke’s relationships grows stronger after he had found out about the note being written. I’d like you to think about what impression you get of Kensuke during this chapter. There is no right or wrong answer here.


Does he respond well to Michael’s actions?

Does he show can forgive someone?

Would you forgive Michael? Why?


Any answers to these questions can be discussed and not written down. The speech in the text definitely brings Kensuke alive. I definitely get a very clear impression of what he was like as a person!


Writing: The author describes well how the sea turtles hatch on the beach. Kensuke’s actions make it very clear to the reader what kind of person he is.


Watch the video clip below and watch the sea turtles hatching:

Here's an example of what sea turtles do and the dangers they face! This is, however, not located where our class text is. This is in Costa Rica...

Facing dangerous predators from above, recently hatched sea turtles struggle to reach the safety of the open ocean. ➡ Subscribe:

I would like you to now write a piece of descriptive writing which is based around this. You could imagine you were Kensuke (think about he talks in the book), Michael or even someone else. You can write it in either first or third person, it's entirely up to you! Think about describing the movement of the creatures – you could even use similes, metaphors or reverse personification (giving living things characteristics of inanimate objects). Think carefully about the adjectives you use. This will paint a picture for the reader!


Have you finished? Why not create a sketch or collage of the beach scene to go with your piece of writing!


Day 2 – Reading: Today we are going to read the final chapter of Kensuke’s Kingdom! We have read many books over the past two years. I wonder what your thoughts are of this book when we you compare it to Private Peaceful, Goodnight Mister Tom or The Firework Maker’s Daughter…


I hope you enjoyed the last chapter as much as I did. Linking back to yesterday's activity, we definitely got an even clearer impression of Kensuke and how brilliant he was! Discuss with your parent/sibling what your favourite part of the book was. Remember to explain why and you could even dip back into the text and find some evidence!


Writing: Please take a look at the template for a book review below. Use this template to complete a review in your exercise book.

If you’ve finished, create a new illustration to compliment your favourite part of the story. For me personally, there are so many great parts in the text! I particularly like how the author used suspense in the last chapter when the people arrived on the island, but then how it changed completely when the Peggy Sue had been seen in the distance and Michael’s parents had come to save him. A year is a very long time.


Day 3 – Creative Writing begins: As we’ve now finished the text, it’s your turn to create your own adventure story!


Here’s how I see the next week going:


Today – begin to plan your ideas

Tomorrow (Thursday) – write the opening section of your first chapter. Decide whether it’s going to describe the setting, characters, jump straight into the action or speech between characters

Friday – continue to write chapter 1 and edit.


Next week, you will continue to write the remaining elements of your story and then begin to edit your writing at the end of the week. This will only focus on chapter 1. Some of you will write a brief opening, but others of you might get really involved and go into a lot more detail.



I would love you to spend some quality time writing your story. You may want to write it by hand or even begin to write it using a computer. You may want to innovate (adapt and develop) the ideas from the text and change different elements or write something completely different. It would be good if it linked closely to our topic, EXPLORERS, and linked to other areas of learning you’ve made during this term.


Here are some things you’ll need to include/think about:

-MC has a reason for travelling somewhere

-MC is separated from their family

-MC goes to an unusual place due to a disaster/problem

-MC meets new character who supports them in their new environment

-MC is reunited with family members/friends after somehow returning home


Please begin to plan out all of the ideas for your story. You might want to find a giant piece of paper / cardboard and begin to write down things which lists words to describe the setting, the different characters and also what leads/resolves the problem within the story.


You could also create your plan as a storyboard (pictures) to show the sequence of events in the story.


Day 4 and 5: Please read your own reading book over the next two days. You may want to use the Oxford Owl login online or find another text which has an adventure theme. Remember it’s important to read daily for at least 15 minutes. Find a book you’ll enjoy and find a good spot to begin reading…


Writing: Please begin to write your first chapter of your story. You may want to create a title for it after you’ve written your text or you may have something in mind already.


Take a look at the beginning of the book. In Kensuke’s Kingdom, it starts with Michael making a reflection back to the events which occurred - the events we find out more about as the story develops. The scene is then set by introducing the different characters and the setting. You may want to reread this part of the text to see whether you want to start your story in a similar way. You could use the same features as Michael Morpurgo has.


The two key things you’ll probably need to do during this first chapter is introduce the characters/settings, but also explain what situation leads them all to going on an adventure.


Spend the final two days of this week creating your chapter 1. Please click below on the link to find out some top tips about writing your own adventure story. 

Spelling Bee

I introduced some new vocabulary last week which could be found on the Summer Term II Curriculum Map (see below!). Click on the document below and you’ll find the vocabulary we started to learn about last week:



Continue to focus on any of these words you struggled with this week or begin to learn the rest of them. Find a dictionary or go online to find the definition of these and write them in a context. Please also have a look at how successful you are with spelling these. Practise these words using the strategies found below:


CLICK HERE FOR Complex Sentences




CLICK HERE FOR Preposition

Other ways you may begin to learn these include…


Pyramid spellings – Write the words so you start with the first letter, then the next two…


Speed Spell – How many times can you write the word down in 60 seconds.


Spelling Bee – Find an adult to do a spelling bee. They will say the word, you repeat it and then spell it aloud and then the end by saying the letter (What a nice morning. The word is morning. Morning …. M – O – R – N – I – N –G…. Morning) Swap over so your parent has a turn too.


Sentence Building – Write your word in a sentence so you can show you understand how it would work within a context.

Day 3 – Science: Over the next few weeks we’ll be undertaking some challenges. The really good thing is that if you upload a picture of what you’ve been doing you can WIN some really awesome prizes. Click here to find out more about these and scroll down to the bottom of the page!


You will need to check with your parent before getting them to upload this! Please read the terms and conditions carefully.


Today’s lesson will focus on light. Click on this link to watch some introductory videos.

 These might be helpful for your main activity? What do you already know about light? Are there any big questions you’ve got?


In our class text, Michael was thrown overboard from his boat. He did have some sweet treats in his pocket which would have kept him going: Gummy Bears! He did notice something about them, particularly when he was looking at them through the sunlight. You can investigate this today.


Take a look at the challenge options below:

The entries for this competition close soon. Please upload, with your parent’s permission, any photos you have taken at home. The prizes look great! Please also upload these onto our blog too. This is a great way to review the learning we’ve been doing in the classroom. Remember, it’s a science investigation. You shouldn’t really be eating any of the Gummy Bears – I suggest you take some out of the packet and set them aside so you can eat them after!




Day 4 – P.E: One of the popular events of our Sports Day in school is the morning carousel of activities.


Today, I’d like you to think about what different events take place e.g. beanbag throw, water transfer….


Using equipment found at home, I would like you to arrange a circuit which contains four of the activities we would have done in July for Sports Day. You will need to think about how long you would spend at each activity and what points would be awarded. Play this with some of the people in your household. Keep a leader board of what points are scored by each person and then calculate the overall winner, 2nd place etc. at the end, after you’ve all been through each of the activities.


TOP TIP: Please get some music which you think would get you motivated for this event. Crank up the volume, ensuring you don’t annoy the neighbours, and work around the different stations.


To get you thinking, how would you develop the different stations? How could you make it harder for people to complete the activity? How could you bring the difficultly level down?


Upload any pictures to our blog and let us know what Spotify playlist you’ve been using or album?


WANT TO CHECK YOUR HEART RATE? Get your parents to download the Cardiio app on an iPhone, others available on android too. These are all free. This is a really cool way of testing your heart rate! I enjoyed playing around with it this week. How accurate do you think this app is? Maybe test your pulse to see whether they match!




Day 5 – French: We haven't covered French so far during our home learning. However, today’s activity will give you a chance to review some of the things we’ve done in the classroom before. Today you’ll be focusing on hobbies.


Before you begin, why don’t you write down a list of hobbies which you have. What hobby is your favourite? When we are back to ‘normal’, what hobby would you like to take up?


CLICK HERE to find a link to today’s resources which includes a couple of videos and also some electronic resources too! 


Make a list of any words/phrases which you struggled with. This might help you when you come to future lessons regarding this topic.


Share you’re understanding with someone in your household or give another family member a call and tell them about your learning. It would be good to share some of the vocabulary you’ve taken away from today’s lesson.

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