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Week 8 - 15.6.20

Welcome to week 3 of the second half of term. You have been learning from home for a really long time now and I am so proud of all of you for trying so hard to complete the work set. I love seeing all the photos and messages on Tapestry, it is great to see what you are doing and the progress you are making.


I hope to see some of you back at school soon and hope the rest of you stay safely working at home with your family. 

Phonic assessment - please complete and return


Monday- Revise – 1 day

sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, oo, oa, ie, igh, ar, or, er, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure

Recap all the sounds. Use the sound mat and check which sounds they are unsure of. Practise writing words using these sounds. (you may like to use foam/magnetic letters, write in sand, water on patio, in flour, on drawing app etc)

Tuesday – Revise tricky words.

Go through all flash cards. Write sentences using some of the words. 

Wednesday– Friday - Learn – 3 days

Recap – bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gr, gl, pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sp, sn, st, tw, tr, thr, scr, str, shr

Final blends – nd, nt, nk, nch

Look at each blend and discuss different words they are used for – these are at the end of a word.

Wednesday- Make a word list for each blend. (sand, tent, blink, bench)

Thursday – Write words using these blend - Fill in the missing sound cards on sheets or make your own.

Friday – Write a sentence using some of your words from yesterday.


Billy’s Bucket

Listen to the story about Billy and his Bucket. Talk about the amazing things that Billy saw.

Monday -Talk about the main character - Billy.  Can you think of some words to describe him. Label and colour the picture of Billy.

Tuesday - Retell the story in the correct order. You could act this out with your own bucket, try to describe some of the wonderful things that Billy saw.

Wednesday - Think about when Billy chose his bucket, What kind of bucket would you choose, think of some interesting words to describe it. Write the beginning of your own bucket story. I went to the shop to choose a bucket. I choose a……

Thursday -  Write the middle of your story today. What will you see and play with inside the bucket.   e.g. On the first day I looked in my bucket and saw…….. The next thing I saw was…..

Friday - Talk about the end of the story when Dad borrows the bucket to wash the car. Write your own ending. The next day Dad borrowed the bucket to….. and…..


Extra ideas: Visit the beach and look for sea creatures, shells. Play with your own bucket and fill with items – drawn or toys. Act out stories, read other stories about under the sea.

Billy's Bucket by Kes Gray & Garry Parsons

Billy's Bucket by Kes Gray & Garry Parsons, read by an Early Years teacher in the U.K ISBN 978-0-099-43874-8 #earlyyearslearningisfun


Monday – Numbers to 20 – place value. Look at the numbers 11-19. What do they notice. (all start with a 1 – discuss how this represents 10 and the other number is the number of ones. Make the numbers by adding 10 and ones. See adding 10s and ones sheets. (Find the correct answer - use a peg/ counters for multiple use.)

Use brick make a tower of 10 and the extra ones.

Tuesday – Adding to 20 by counting on. Use the number line, place finger on the first numbers and jump along to count on the right number of ones.

Wednesday – half turns/ full turns – Play Robots – direct each other to make half and full turns.

Thursday – Left and Right – learn your left and right. Link with turns – turn left/turn right. Make a treasure map and direct someone to the treasure. (forward 10 steps, turn right, 6 steps forward etc.

Friday - above/below. Think about these words carefully. Make Lego/Duplo tower with different colours. Ask and answer questions such as, what is above the red brick? Which colour in below the yellow brick? Which colours are above the green and below the blue brick?

Understanding the World


Can you find out the names of the different oceans in the world. You may like to look on a globe or in an atlas. There is a fun song below to help you learn them.


Look at the skeletons of different animals. Talk about what a skeleton is for? How are the animals skeletons similar or different to each other.

(fish, whale, seahorse, turtle, starfish, seal)

Five Oceans Song

A song to help kids learn the 5 oceans in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ NEW REWARD...

Expressive Art and Design


Hot Seaside pictures. Look at the selection of paintings showing a hot beach scene.

Talk about the colours that show it is hot. (reds, oranges, yellows) create a hot sunset picture or bright blues to show a clear sky and sea. Try to also show the some of the things found in the pictures. (palm trees, rocks, beach, animals.)

Can you mix different shades  - use red and yellow to make oranges or add white to make shades of blue. 

Physical Development


Fine motor Skills – Can you decorate a stone to look like a sea animal? Someone has had a fantastic idea to make a stone snake in Admirals Quarter that you may like to add it too. This is a lovely opportunity to see other people’s stones. Remember not to touch anyone else’s though.


Gross motor – Boules is a popular seaside game. All you need are a few balls the same size each and a smaller ball to aim at. Take turns to roll or throw the balls to the small ball. The closest person is the winner.

Personal, Social and Emotional.

Talk about their own and others’ behaviour, and its consequences, and know that some behaviour is unacceptable.

Talk about how some people do not act very responsibly when they visit the seaside. Talk about how after picnics and playing they leave their rubbish on the beach. What happens to this rubbish? What could be the consequences? Think about the effect on the animals. What should they do with their rubbish?

Make a poster to tell people what to do and why?

Hope Works | A Whale's Tale | Cartoon Network UK 🇬🇧

Under the sea a whale tries to help the smaller creatures who are struggling with plastic waste. On land a young boy seeks help to clear the sea in his area....

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