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Week 8 - 15.6.20


DAY 1 


Reading:  I am sure you have seen the news recently about campaigns for equal rights for black people in America which has led to some protests in this country. At school you have learnt about the importance of equality in assemblies and your PSHE lessons. I would like to watch this fascinating Blue Peter film about the Civil Rights movement that happened in America in the 1950s and 60s Thankfully we have come a long way since then but, as a human race, we need to keep learning about the importance of all living together as one race…. the human race. Hopefully this film will inspire to you to read and find out more about this subject. Carry out some further research with a particular focus on Martin Luther King, Reverend Frederick Reece or Congressman John Lewis. I would also like to read Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. Think about what makes this such an inspirational speech through the power of words.   


Writing: Use your research to write a fact file about one of the key figures involved in the Civil Rights Movement… Martin Luther King, Reverend Frederick Reece or Congressman John Lewis. Try writing your own speech to persuade people today to be more tolerate and fair to others even if they look or seem different to you.



Reading: Watch this fun animation which includes an important message about anti bullying: After watching, answer these comprehension questions about the film: Is there a moral to the story?  Could we give it a new title? What do you think the video tells us?  Does it have a message?  Who are the mean ones?  Why are they mean?  Are any of the small birds worse than others? Which ones and why?


Writing: Write an informal letter to the larger bird to reassure him and advise him about what he should do next. 



Reading: It is now time to read Chapter 9 of Kensuke's Kingdom. In this chapter you will find about the magical moment when Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs. At the end of the chapter Kensuke makes a surprising decision... do you think this will really happen? Answer the word level and comprehension questions at the bottom of this section of your home learning. 


Writing: Choose one or more of these tasks linked to this chapter and your topic:

1) Create an information leaflet about a species of turtle that lives somewhere in South America

2) Write a page for a travel brochure advertising an eco-holiday on a South American island that involves helping with the conservation of an endangered species of turtle.

3) Design a poster that persuade people to take action to protect an endangered the Loggerhead turtle and their young. Research the human impact on these amazing creatures to help you.



Reading: You have nearly finished our class text... or maybe you couldn't wait and you have already read the last chapter. Be warned, the ending is quite a tear-jerker! This is a good time to write a book review for other Year 6 pupils that haven't read this novel before. Use the book review to help you if you need to writing more on an extra sheet as the boxes are quite small: 


Reading: This week I have found you a reading comprehension task that may help with your South America project. 

Writing: Spend today making sure that the writing you have done for your South America project is edited and improved. Ask an adult or other family member to check your writing to see if the spellings are correct and that it makes sense to the reader. Use the link below to check that all the features of an information text are included.



Have fun playing these fun grammar games to get ready for continuing to be amazing writers at High School:


Thank you to everyone who has already sent me their English work or shared it on the blog. Please keep sending in your writing, I love to see how your getting on.



This week is a mixture of algebra and units of measurement.


Day 1 - Solving 2 step equations

Day 2 - Finding pairs of values

Day 3 - Converting metric units

Day 4 - Miles and Kilometres

Day 5 - Time


Videos for Day 1 - Day 4 are available on the internet: Please type in White Rose Home Learning Year 6 and select week commencing 15/6/20. Also see activity sheets below.


Day 5 - The  Friday Challenge is all about time and is available by typing in White Rose Home Learning Year 6 and selecting week commencing 8/6/20. This lesson does not require you to print out any activity sheets the children simply need to follow the activities on line. This is one for lovers of Football.

Extension activities have also been added.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be undertaking some challenges. The really good thing is that if you upload a picture of what you’ve been doing you can WIN some really awesome prizes. Click here to find out more about these and scroll down to the bottom of the page!


You will need to check with your parent before getting them to upload this! Please read the terms and conditions carefully.


Today’s lesson will focus on light. Click on this link to watch some introductory videos.

 These might be helpful for your main activity? What do you already know about light? Are there any big questions you’ve got?


In our class text, Michael was thrown overboard from his boat. He did have some sweet treats in his pocket which would have kept him going: Gummy Bears! He did notice something about them, particularly when he was looking at them through the sunlight. You can investigate this today.


Take a look at the challenge options below:

Click here if you would like to have the electronic document and find other useful information too.


The entries for this competition close soon.

Please upload, with your parent’s permission, any photos you have taken at home. There are clear instructions on how to enter.  The prizes look great!


Please also upload a photo of these onto our blog too. This is a great way to review the learning we’ve been doing in the classroom.


Remember, it’s a science investigation. You shouldn’t really be eating any of the Gummy Bears – I suggest you take some out of the packet and set them aside so you can eat them after!


At the end of these lessons children will have used secondary sources e.g. internet, books, maps to find out about South America.

For the next 2 weeks I would like you to conduct a project to find out about South America.


Watch: South America destination world South America geography/South American countries


The project can be presented in any format you wish e.g. poster, power point, leaflet, fact file, news report, Non chronological report etc.


But it must include information on:


  • Which hemisphere South America is in
  • Longitude and latitude of some of the major cities
  • Major rivers
  • Habitats and wildlife (science link)
  • Climate


Other things you could research:

  • What type of crops and goods does the country grow and export (trade)?
  • What are the main some of the main tourist attractions (tourism)?
  • Culture - traditional dance, traditional clothes, food 
  • Social geography - population sizes, jobs, education systems 
  • other physical features - mountains, lakes
  • Natural disasters - Earthquakes, volcanoes


Don't forget to take a look at Mrs O'dell's cooking challenges

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