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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Meet the team:

Our Summer term topic title is:

We are Eco Warriors


What is an Eco Warrior?

Through our studies across all areas of the curriculum we will learn about the environment and how we can help to look after it.

We will begin by transporting the children to the rain forests of Brazil as we read the story of the Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.  Through this text we will learn about the needs of the different animals that live in this environment and how they depend on the tree for shelter and food.  One day their existence is threatened by the attempted destruction of the tree. The children will imagine a similar scenario but set in our school grounds, featuring the animals that live there and depend on it for their needs.  Under the canopy of the trees in our Hollow, we will act out scenes and try to imagine how the characters felt. In our geography lessons, we will learn about the physical features of the Amazon rain forest and compare them to our local area.  The children will draw maps to plot our route to the local river for a trip later in the term.  Together we will learn about ways in which we can help our planet, such as saving energy and the four Rs, recycle, re-use, reduce and repair.  We will have a creative time designing and making usable items from a variety of different materials.  We will also learn about plants in our science lessons and how important they are to our environment.  By nurturing our vegetable garden we will learn about sustainability.  We're going to be very busy!  Please take a look at our curriculum map below and newsletter for more details.  Our newsletter contains a list of our carefully selected RoK words which aim to enrich the children's vocabulary when speaking and writing about our topic. 

Other books that we will study this term:

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