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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

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The Spring term's topic is:

Super Heroes

What makes a Super Hero super?


Welcome to the Spring term.  We will begin by sharing our favourite super hero stories and  discussing the qualities that make a person a super hero.  To show our findings, in maths we will create tally charts and bar charts making comparisons and raising further questions. The children will invent their own super heroes, and learn to describe them with a range of adjectives and descriptive phrases and create an exciting dilemma for them to solve.

We will identify the super heroes of today and those that made a difference in the past.  In our history sessions we will learn about the remarkable life and achievements of Elizabeth Garret Anderson and Grace Darling. The children will interview modern heroes such as firemen, nurses and coast guards to discover more about their important work.   

As aspiring super heroes, through scientific enquiry we will find out about the importance of exercise along with a balanced diet and good hygiene.  


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