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Year 3

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Spring: Island Hoppers


 Our class text will be Song of the Dolphin Boy, written by the Award-winning Elizabeth Laird. It is a heart-warming story about young Finn, a misfit boy who is bullied at school, finding peace when he suddenly slips into the sea and finds that he can swim with the dolphins. It is also a powerful story about the terrible threat to the sea and all the creatures that live in it from the amount of plastic waste in our oceans. When Finn realises that his friends are at risk from all the waste, he does everything he can to save them.


This links perfectly into our science unit of animals including humans, our PSHE of setting themselves goals and challenges and our Humanities unit looking at island life and comparing geographic features. We will be focusing on Iceland and Malta, comparing and contrasting land use, climate, jobs and geographical features to deepen our understanding of European Islands. The book will act as the thread that ties all of our learning together, we will use this as a stimulus for all our writing and develop our skills using this to support our ideas.


Autumn: Disaster Strikes!


This half term our class text will be ‘Roman Diary – Journey of Iliona’ by Richard Platt, through which the children will gain an insight into Roman life through the eyes of a slave girl. 


In Humanities we will be learning about the Romans. We will beginning by investigating how the Romans lived and how this differs to modern day life. We will build on this knowledge by researching how the Roman Empire expanded overtime. We will also examine how certain features of our lifestyle came from the Roman times. 

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