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Year 5 Resources

Welcome to the Year 5 home learning page. 

Each Week this page will be updated with home learning activities you can carry out with your child.  Click on the weekly satchels to see what the activities are.

Welcome to Week 1 of Home Learning...

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I hope everyone is safe and well at the moment. I'm currently locked in a darkened cupboard, avoiding the masses.


Please find the activities for next week, week commencing Monday 23rd March 2020. 


I anticipate that children will be doing around 3-3.5 hours of studying per day. I want to make it manageable for the children and also you as parents. Cabin fever may set in quite early! I have made it clear that if children are stuck, they can come back to the activity or try something different. The last thing I would like is children to feel stressed or parents feeling under pressure to work 1:1 every day.


I will be keeping in contact with you all. The home learning element is something which will evolve over time.


I look forward to seeing you all very soon....


Mr Reynolds 

Mr Reynolds says...

Please work your way through the activities I have set. If you spend an hour on a task, take a break and come back to it at another point during the week. I don't want you sitting at a desk working all day! (Also, remember your parents aren't able to give you Greens or Ambers!) I also don't want the tasks to become stressful for your parents as they have to spend lots of time working through things. Do what you can do and come back to anything that's a little tricky.


Please remember to have regular BRAIN BREAKS. Here are a few little ideas from me...


-Make your bed (your parents will appreciate this!)


-Walk the dog or go for a walk with a family member.


-Complete a Suduko puzzle.


-Follow an online yoga session.


-Create something using Lego.


-Sketch an interesting item in our outside your home.


-Play your favourite music and bring out the air guitar.


-Bake something from a cook book.


-Read your favourite book.


-Finish or start a puzzle.


-Play a game on your iPad.


-Take your bike for a spin - remember your helmet!


Take time out of your day to relax. 

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