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Foundation Stage

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Meet the Team.


Class Teachers: Mrs Clubb and Mrs Allsop


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Raybould



We are so excited to welcome the class of 2023-24 into school this September. 


During the first half of the Autumn Term, our class topic is 'Woodland Park Rangers.' We will explore this theme through the use of the class texts, The Gruffalo, Stickman and a selection of the Percy the Park Keeper series of stories. We learn about woodland animals and plants and look at the seasonal changes in both the environment and animals within it. Our art will help us understand colour in nature too. 


After Half Term, we begin a topic called 'Busy Builders.' We will learn about materials, roles of people involved in building along with looking at famous buildings around the world and those built in the past. We will learn about different types of homes and explore the village to find examples.


Please have a look at our curriculum maps below to find out more about what we will be covering when your child joins Foundation and the ROK words that they will be taught and encouraged to use.  


Autumn Term Texts

Spring Texts

Summer Term Curriculum