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Maths – Ninja Maths

Please continue one Ninja Maths activity per day. Set a timer for five minutes to complete this. Follow the link HERE and you need to click on the box which is in the Week 11-20 area and five sessions per week. You won't need to print these off. Begin working from Week 5/  Session 1.


The answers can be found when you open the PowerPoint below. Remember, these are KS3 questions and some which will be very challenging. Discuss any tricky examples with your adult at home!


Maths – Rock Star Times Tables

Please continue to play TT Rock Stars. I would like you to practise these DAILY – AT LEAST FIVE TIMES PER WEEK. I will be checking the Times Table Rock Star website to see who has been logging in and when.


Click here if you would like to go directly to the TT Rock Stars Homepage.

Maths – Main Activities

Please CLICK HERE for this week’s maths activities. Each day has a video which should be watched first, an activity sheet to be completed (found below) and an answer sheet which you can use to check your work with. Please make any corrections if necessary and see where you have made some good mistakes!


Complete the activities for Summer Term, week commencing 22nd June 2020. If you would like a paper copy, you can print these off. However, it is possible to do these by looking at your screen! This is great revision of what we have done previously.


Please do try the Year 6 maths examples, AFTER YOU HAVE COMPELTED THE YEAR 5 CONTENT TOO, if you feel confident enough too – it will all be revision next year for you.

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