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River of knowledge

Our autumn term topic is Ancient Disaster Strikes!. 


We will be using two texts to inspire our topic work - 'Roman diary the journal of Iliona' and 'Escape form pompeii'. Both texts will offer insights into what life was like during the reign of the Roman empire and will also help give context during the disaster of the eruption of mount Vesuvius which lead to the destruction of Pompeii. 


We will make a timeline of Roman rule in mainland Europe and the UK. This will include: Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion in 55-54 BC; the Roman Empire by AD 42 and the power of its army; the successful invasion by Claudius and conquest, including Hadrian’s Wall and British resistance(Boudicca). We will also describe in detail and understand key aspects of physical geography including volcanoes and earthquakes.

Our River of Knowledge topic will also extend to our unit of work in D.T. which is to design and build a Roman chariot!