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River of Knowledge

Our River of Knowledge topic for the autumn term is called ‘Super Structures and Tangled Leaves’ and is focused on the ancient Maya civilisation.  We will use timelines and atlases to locate when and where the Mayan’s settled, as well as looking at some geographical features of Central and South America.  We will consider Mayan architecture and how Mayan cities were constructed, gods and beliefs, the Mayan diet (we will be doing some Mayan inspired cooking in DT), past times, mythology, number systems, astrology, the Mayan calendar and art.


We will also be making 3D Maya masks out of papier mache and modroc during our Art sessions. 


How you can help:

Research what Maya cities looked like and how they were constructed.

Help locate central America, Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula on a map.  This is where the Maya settled and created their impressive cities.    

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