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Summer: Eco Warriors!


This term we will be extending our knowledge on human and physical features of our local area. We will be creating a map and key to show the landmarks in our area as well as broadening our understanding of the UK’s geographical features. We will discuss how our planet has changed and the consequences of this, including exploring the life and work of Sir David Attenborough. 

Spring: Superheroes!


This term we will be learning all about what makes a superhero. This will range from traditional cartoon superheroes, to people n history who have had a positive impact. As part of this, we will learn about both Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Garret Anderson, we will also explore the events of the Great Fire of London. We will also be discussing modern day hero's who help us on a daily bases and begin to compare how our perception of heroes may differ.

Autumn: Once Upon a Time


This term our River of Knowledge theme is 'Once Upon a Time'. We will immerse ourself in both traditional tales and alternative versions to build our knowledge of these texts. We will start with the classic tale Jack and the Beanstalk, before looking at an alternative version of Rapunzel. This will develop our understanding of how classic tales can vary and developing plot. 


In our history and geography lessons we will learn about castles, locating those that are in Suffolk on the map and those that are further afield.  We will study the structure and layout of different castles and learn about the people that lived within the walls and the jobs that they did. This will link closely to our literacy work and the texts we will be exploring.