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Autumn 1- Living Things and Their Habitats

During the first half term in Autumn Year 5 explored Living things and their habitats.


We explored how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics, as well as researching and writing a biography about Carl Linnaeus. Additionally, we linked our grammar studies to the natural world using the Natural Curriculum  and along with using the natural world to inspire us, we classified all the animals that helped us with our grammar.

Seed Dispersal Experiment

Autumn 2- Electricity

During the second half of Autumn term we learnt about Electricity.


We learnt to associate the brightness of a lamp with the number and voltage of batteries used in a circuit, as well as giving reasons for variations in how components of a circuit function. We used recognised scientific symbols when representing circuits as diagrams. To extend our research further we experiemented with circuits and explored what elements make electricity flow.

Conductors and Insulators Experiment

Spring 1- Animals Including Humans

During the first half of the Spring term Year 5 focused on the topic Animals Including Humans.


In this topic we looked at different species and their lifecycles, the environments they live in and what they need in order to survive. We learnt about a human’s timeline, from the growth of babies, puberty and changes in old age. We discovered how different animals have different gestation periods and how life expectancy can be affected by how we choose to live our lives.

Posters Displaying Animals Including Humans Information

Spring 2- Evolution 

During the second half of Spring term we learned about Evolution. 


Firstly, we looked into how variation can occur in siblings from the same parents and how genes and characteristics show in different ways. We also looked at adaptation and how some animals, over many years, change their characteristics in order to survive and suite their environment. One activity we did was having cut out butterflies and we placed them around the classroom. We drew on them so that they adapted to their surroundings and keep them safe from predators. Lastly we spoke about the theory and evidence behind evolution and how fossils can show us a lot of information on how animals have changed from the past.