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School Hours


08:45 School gate opens

08:55 School gate closes

08:55 Class registration

09:00 Lessons 

10:30 Playtime

10:45 Lessons

11.45 Lunch (key stage 1)

12:00 Lunch (key stage 2)

13:00 Class registration

13:05 Lessons

14:15 (approximately) Playtime (KS1) / KS2 Daily Mile

15:25 School ends (key stage 1)

15:30 School ends (key stage 2)


In severe weather, pupils remain indoors during the mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon breaks. 
Year 6 School Captains are often enrolled as 'play leaders' to help organise younger pupils' games during wet conditions.

Assembly is either at 01:05 or 03:05 everyday.


Children who attend afterschool clubs will be escorted to the school front reception area and collected by parents from there.

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