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School Hours

08:30 School gate opens

08:45 Bell indicates pupils to go in. Registration

Parents should exit the playground via the side gate only.

08:50 Lessons begin

10:30 Playtime

10:45 Lessons

11.50 Lunch (key stage 1)

12:00 Lunch (key stage 2)

13:05 Registration

13:10 Lesson

14:45 Playtime (KS1) / KS2 Daily Mile

15:00 Assembly

15:25 School ends (key stage 1)

15:30 School ends (key stage 2)


In severe weather, pupils remain indoors during the mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon breaks. 
Year 6 School Captains are often enrolled as 'play leaders' to help organise younger pupils' games during wet conditions.

Parents collect their children at the end of the school day from inside the front gate. Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 staff escort their pupils to the front.

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