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08.30am - School Office Opens

  • Families are invited to wait inside the first school gate, away from the road, in the area directly in the paved area in front of the school offices.
  • Year 6 students may wait outside the Year 6 door by the school library.


08:45 School gate opens at front of school along with the Year 6 access door.

  • parents walk around the perimeter of the school building to drop children off at classroom doors and leave promptly via the staff car park


08.55 School gates close and are locked - if arriving after this time, please enter via the school office


08.55 Morning Registration


09.00 Class lessons begin


10.30 - 10.45 Morning break - can be staggered


11.45 EYFS Lunch


11.50 Lunch (Key stage 1)


12:00 Lunch (Key stage 2)


13:00 Afternoon Registration in Class and lessons begin


15:00 School Assembly 


15:25 School ends (EYFS & Key stage 1)


15:30 School ends (Key stage 2)


The total compulsory hours for a typical school week are 32.5 hours for key stage 1 and 32.92 hours for key stage 2.


In severe weather, pupils remain indoors during the mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon breaks. 


Parents/families or authorised persons collect their children at the end of the school day from outside classroom doors.