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Reading & Spelling

We will continue with our reading challenge rewards for every time your child reads to an adult and to update children with reading books which they are able to take home and enjoy.  I ask that these books are brought into school regularly so that they can be changed and so that we can read your comments.


Reading regularly with your child will also help your child’s spoken literacy, having a mix of reading to your child, hearing your child read and asking your child book-based questions will help develop their love of reading and reading comprehension skills.


Helping at home:

Providing regular opportunities for your child to practise spellings will help support your child’s English work in school. I have attached the year two spelling list for you to support your child with, however recapping year one spellings may also prove useful.

We will continue to focus on the year two common exception words this year as well as setting regular spelling homework to help support your children’s English work. New spellings will be sent home every Thursday and the children will be tested on the following Thursday morning. In addition to our spelling sessions, we will introduce RoK words that link to this term's topic about Celebrations.  The purpose of these words is to expand the children's vocabulary and to create a love of language - we have lots of fun with them!  In my experience, children love to learn new 'big' words.  The children will learn their meanings and will be encouraged to use them in both their writing and speaking.


This term's words are:














In our English lessons, through the study of the texts we read, we will focus on spelling and phonics and the grammar objectives for year 2 laid out in the national curriculum. 

Explore the following websites to find many English games...