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Year 3


During the summer term of year 3, the children will embark on an exciting journey through the rich history and culture of Ancient Greece. Through immersive lessons and interactive activities, we will delve into the fascinating world of Ancient Greece, exploring its significant people, places, and events. They will learn about legendary figures such as Zeus, Athena, and Hercules, as well as iconic cities such as Athens and Sparta. By examining artefacts, maps, and multimedia resources, the children will gain a deeper understanding of daily life in Ancient Greece, from the Olympics to the arts and philosophy. Through hands-on projects and discussions, they will contrast Ancient Greek lifestyles with modern-day society, uncovering the lasting legacy of this remarkable civilization. While we are learning about Ancient Greece, we will foster a love for history, and encourage critical thinking, together with cultural appreciation. 

During the Spring term, we embarked on an enchanting voyage with our intrepid Year 3 Island Explorers as they traversed the mesmerising landscapes of Iceland and beyond. In this captivating topic, inspired by Kate DiCamillo's The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, we discovered the haunting beauty of Iceland's glaciers, travelled the European continent and compared the United Kingdom to our nearest large island - Iceland. 

Our topic in the Autumn term was called Disaster Strikes! We explored the effect that the Romans had on the United Kingdom using the stimulus question: The Roman Empire didn't really have that much impact on Britain, did it?


After placing the Roman Empire on a world timeline, we examined what an empire is and when Britain became part of the Roman Empire. We then researched what the Romans did that had an impact on Britain - including discussions about society, housing and beliefs. We talked about how we need to understand that primary sources need careful analysis and that they can contradict each other. We also identified the impacts and limitations of the Roman Empire on Britain.


We used the following resources and texts to assist us while we analysed and debated the influence that the Romans had on the United Kingdom.



World Timeline