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D&T Competition: Product in a Tin

Here is a great design and technology competition you could take part in during July!

Entries have to be in by the 1st August 2020.

The competition is to design and make a product which could be sold in a small tin. Real products are sold in tins (not just food) like these socks below…



Your task is to design and make a product which can fit in a tin. This could be ANYTHING – from a game or toy, to jewellery, to a pet accessory and more. Your product needs to have at least 2 different materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, textiles and paper/board. 

BBC One Show Scriptwriting Competition for ages 7 upwards!

Suffolk Says Thanks

Mrs Allsop's Photography Competition: 'Beautiful'

Mrs Terry’s Song of the Week

The rainbow has become a familiar sight during lockdown. Here is a cheerful song to practise naming the colours (when it splits into 2 groups, sing Group 1’s part)