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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Our Summer Term topic is


Olympic Champions



This term, you will learn about a world filled with gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines.  In this world, there are battles for control of the universe.  You will read about awesome adventures in labyrinths and one-eyed monsters forging thunderbolts.  The Greeks were curious and clever – many of their innovations still exist today and are part of the way we live our lives.  Like you, they were fascinated by Science, Geography and Astronomy.   This is going to be an exciting term!

Our class texts:



Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check parent information.

Special Days and Events 2023-24

Year 4 Autumn 'Learning Together' Roman mosaic Making

For World Kindness Day and Anti-bullying Week, year 4 presented an assembly encouraging children to make a stand against bullying and to choose respect and unity.  In class we held discussions about the importance of celebrating differences and thought about the different ways in which we can show kindness to one another.

In our English lessons, we explored how bullying makes people feel and wrote emotive poems from the perspective of a victim of bullying.