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Spring: Superheroes

This term we will be learning all about what makes a superhero! This will range from traditional cartoon superheroes, to people in history who have had a positive impact. Our work will start with depicting what the term 'superhero' means to us and how this may vary person to person. As part of this, we will learn about both Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Garret Anderson, we will discuss the impact of these and explain how these could be viewed as a superhero. We will also explore what a modern superhero is and our perception of these. Our learning will also focus on the events of the Great Fire of London, the impact of this and the heroes who helped during this time!

Autumn: Once Upon a Time

Our Autumn theme focuses on traditional tales, exploring castles and Royals. This will run through both our humanities work and our English learning, where our class texts will link closely with our theme.  These texts will focus on traditional tales as well as alternatives to these. We will start with the classic tale Jack and the Beanstalk, before looking at an alternative version of Rapunzel. This will develop our understanding of how classic tales can vary and how to develop a plot.