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Year 2




WELCOME TO YEAR 2 and the Summer Term.  We are learning about St Lucia


Welcome to Year 2 and the Summer term


Meet the team

Mrs Johns (Class Teacher Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Bray (Class Teacher Wednesday to Friday)

Mrs Perkins (classroom Learning Support Assistant, 1:1 Speech & Language Support)

Mr Durrant (1:1 support)

Mrs Coombes (HLTA) R.E. Tuesday p.m.

Mrs Andrews (HLTA) Art and P.E. Wednesday p.m.


Welcome to the Spring Term!

Our teaching and learning over the next twelve weeks will be based around the theme of St Lucia and its Afro-Caribbean culture. 

Our chosen texts  will be Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and the traditional folktales about Anansi the Tickster Spider, originally from Ghana but popular in  the Caribbean.  Anansi is a character who is as clever as he is lazy and he loves to prove just how smart he is by tricking the people of the village and the animals of the jungle.  Throughout the term we will immerse the children in the culture of the Caribbean. 

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The children will learn about the geography of the island of St Lucia and study maps and aerial photos to find out how to get there.  We will look at the climate in St Lucia and use our maths lessons to record and compare temperatures with those in our climate. The children will acquire knowledge of how volcanoes form islands along with developing their own map making skills by learning using a variety of symbols to show the different features on an island.


In our Science lessons we will look at the plants grown in St Lucia and try to grow some of them in our classroom alongside some English summer food such as cress, lettuce and basil.  The children will learn why plants disperse their seeds and the various clever ways in which they do this. 


Through our classroom hydroponic farm we will investigate and observe the needs of plants to grow well.  After half term we will continue to grow and nurture our plants by creating a class allotment outside.  By watering and introducing useful mini-beasts, the class will understand how food chains work and that energy from the Sun is passed through each link in a food chain.

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How can I help at home?

This is a question that is often asked. Our work in school is made easier with collaboration with parents at home. We are fortunate at Holbrook that we have many pro-active parents, supporting their children achieve great things. We're aware that everyone has busy lifestyles - here a few things at home you could do support your child in Year 2.



Read with your child daily for 20 minutes, it really makes a difference.



Maths Resources

Help your child to learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables with these fun songs.  We sing along to Percy Parker in the classroom, so your child will be familiar with the songs.

x2 Percy Parker

This is "x2 Percy Parker" by Miss Wilson on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

5 x table song Percy Parker

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