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Summer: Passports Please!


Our theme for the Summer term is 'Passports please!'. We will be hopping to different continents to learn more about aspects of their culture and broaden our geographical understanding of the world.  This term, we will be extending our knowledge of human and physical features of our local area. We will be creating a map and key to show the landmarks in our area as well as broadening our understanding of the UK’s geographical features. We will then focus our leaning on Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. We will develop our understanding of both human and physical geography features in this area as well as learning about habitats, climates and weather patterns. We will form comparisons between Australia and our local area, discussing any differences and similarities we may find. 

Spring: Treasure Seekers 


Our text this term is ‘Peter Pan’. We will be exploring this book in depth including understanding characters and creating setting descriptions. We are going to write our own stories based on the adventures in Neverland and develop our knowledge of a story structure, including a clear beginning, middle and end. This term we are focusing on the Victorian era. We will focus on understanding the impact of the reign of Queen Victoria and life during this timer period. We will compare our knowledge of the Victorian Monarchy to modern day Royals exploring similarities and differences. We will explore life as a child during the Victorian era including what a school day would look like, forming comparisons with our life at school. As part of history work we will be understanding key inventions that happened at this time and the impact they have had on modern life. 

Autumn: My World, Our World


We will be exploring different celebrations and festivals through our theme of My world, your world. Through our This term we will be exploring different cultures, celebration and festivals through our theme of My world, your world. Our history work  will focus on a range of festivals, exploring about how they are celebrated today and the history around them. We will begin with developing our understanding of Harvest, looking at the origins of this and how this has developed as farming has modernised. This will lead to our learning on the Gunpowder Plot, developing our knowledge of chronology and the importance of past events on modern day. We will look at significant individuals and explore the reasoning behind the plot.