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Who's Who

Executive Headteacher

Head of School

Mr. S. Cloke

Mr. C Perry

Deputy Headteacher

Mr. S. Reynolds / Mrs S. Rennison


Early Years

Early Years Lead


Miss R. Matticks


Year 1

Art Coordinator

Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator


Mrs B. Allsop

Mrs S Thompson


 Year 2

Humanities Coordinator


Miss R. Gray  

Year 3

Science Coordinator / School Council / Food for Life


Mrs. L. Johns

Year 4

SENCO / Computing and P.S.H.E Coordinator



Mrs. E. Clubb

Year 5

Literacy Coordinator / Pastoral - Safeguarding and Online Safety Lead


Mr. S. Reynolds

Year 6

Maths Coordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Literacy Coordinator and Head of School


Mrs. S. Rennison 

Mr. S. Perry

Music specialist

Mrs. P. Kerr



Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J. Coombes

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. F. Andrews

 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Miller

Teaching Assistant / Librarian

Mrs. S. Potter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Lamb

Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Pink

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. P. Odell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. R. Wallis

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Potter

Teaching Assistant

Ms. L. Bradshaw

Teaching Assistant


Forest Schools

Ms. L. Bradshaw


Mrs J. Rose



Music Tutors


Peripatetic Music (Year 5 clarinets)

Mr. A. Rowe


Mr. T. Laming


Upper and Lower Strings

Mrs. J. Taylor

Ms M-K Ingram




Non-Teaching Staff


School Business Manager

Mrs. C. Robinson

Administrative Assistants

Mrs. T. Fyfe

Mrs. D. Smallwood

Lead Midday supervisor

Miss L Bradshaw



Midday supervisor

Mrs. J. Grimwood

Midday supervisor

Miss. S. Bennett

Midday supervisor Mrs. B . Ubhi




Mr T. Helmer 


Cleaning Staff



Contracted Services


Mr. M. Thompson

Mrs J. Thompson

Miss S. Thompson

School Meals Service - Cook

Ms. N. Brunning

Assistant Cook

Ms S. Middleditch