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Who's Who

Leadership Team
Mr. S. Cloke - Executive Head and A.S.L
Mr. C. Perry - Head of School and D.S.L
Mrs. A. Ryder - Executive Business Manager
Mrs E. Clubb- SENDCo Alternate Safeguarding and LAC Lead
Teaching Staff
Mrs. B. Allsop - Year 1 Teacher and Art Lead
Mrs. S. Thompson - Year 1 Teacher and MFL Lead
Mrs. R. Gray - Humanities Lead (Maternity Leave)
Mrs. L. Johns - Year 2 Teacher and Science Lead
Mrs. E. Terry - Cover Teacher and Music Lead
Mrs E. Clubb- EYFS Teacher and PSHE Lead
Miss S. Valentine - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. H. Sharp - Year 4 teacher
Mr M. Byam - Year 5 teacher
Mrs. L. Johns also leads School Council, Food for Life and Junior Road Safety Officers.
Mr. C. Perry - English/Computing Lead
Mrs. S. Rennison - Year 6 Teacher and Maths Lead
Mrs. P. Kerr - Music Specialist
Office Team
Mrs. A. Ryder - Executive Business Manager
Mrs. C. Hetherington - Admin Assistant
Classroom Support
Mrs.J Coombes - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. F. Andrews - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Miller - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Potter - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss. S. Pink - Teaching Assistant
Mrs. R. Wallis - Learning Support Assistant
Miss. L. Bradshaw-Teaching Assistant/Forest School
Mrs. T. Harvey - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M. Faux - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. S. Potter
Mrs J. Rose - Key Stage 1 Volunteer
Mrs. L. King - Library Volunteer
Midday Supervisors
Miss. L. Bradshaw - Lead Midday Supervisor
Mrs. C Ryan - Midday Supervisor
Miss. S. Bennett - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. B Ubhi - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. R. Wallis - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. T. Harvey - Midday Supervisor
Mrs. M. Faux - Midday Supervisor
Peripatetic Teachers
Mr. T. Laming - Guitar (Tuesday)
Mrs. P. Hill - Cello (Thursday)
Ms M-K. Ingram - Upper and Lower Strings (Monday)
Site Management
Mr. T. Helmer - Caretaker
Mr. M. Thompson - Cleaning Staff
Catering Team
Ms Nicola Elliston - Catering Manager