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Competition Time!

Day 1 - Topic/Science

Competition Time!


This activity will be completed over the next two weeks.


This week I’ll be setting you another challenge which might result in you winning a great prize! Over the next two weeks, I’d like you to build a model of a bridge.


It currently says that it is for Year 7 pupils upwards to enter, but I am contacting them to see if they’d accept our entries too. This fits in really well with what we had planned this summer and you were going to be making these bridges in school!


Don’t panic though if they are not accepted, I will be awarding a special prize to the one which I think has been the most and least successful. The entries can be sent to our class blogging page by the end of next week (Friday 3rd July 2020)


Bridges are really useful to connect different land masses and can be something you find at the local park or cross into different countries. Today you’ll be making a bridge which must follow a few simple rules:



-You can use any design but it must have a span of at least 30cm

-Use only old cereal boxes, string, sticky tape and glue

-It must support a 300g can of baked beans.


These are all things you will probably have at home!


Send a video of your bridge attempts, both successful and those which don’t quite defy gravity, before 25th September 2020 to


Please remember to think about what you post online and want others to see. The video does not need to contain a picture/video of you. It could just be your hand placing it onto the bridge. I recommend you do the video the first time you place the beans on, it might not work very well!


Challenge…why not add bulbs or other light features which would build on your knowledge of circuits.


I hope you enjoy doing this. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Day 2 – Topic

Today you’ll be learning about how to use secondary sources e.g. internet, books, maps to find out about South America. You’ll remember that we saw primary sources when we visited Imperial War Museum, London and also some original letters from men who fought during WWI.


For the next 2 weeks, like your bridge making, I would like you to conduct a project to find out about South America. You may even want to link this into the knowledge you’re applying or taking away from your bridge building for this week too.


Please watch the clips below about South America...

South America | Destination World

Experience the continent that's all about natural extremes in this episode of "Destination World." South America is home to the planet's largest river (the A...

South America Geography/South American Countries

Please watch: "Types of Clouds" --~-- Learn about South America and the geographical location of its countries Ar...

The project can be presented in any format you wish e.g. poster, power point, leaflet, fact file, news report, non-chronological report etc.


But it must include information on:


  • Which hemisphere South America is in
  • Longitude and latitude of some of the major cities
  • Major rivers
  • Habitats and wildlife (science link)
  • Climate


Other things you could research:

  • What type of crops and goods does the country grow and export (trade)?
  • What are the main some of the main tourist attractions (tourism)?
  • Culture - traditional dance,traditional clothes, food
  • Social geography - population sizes, jobs, education systems 
  • other physical features - mountains, lakes
  • What significant bridges there are
  • Natural disasters - Earthquakes, volcanoes etc.


Day 4 – Cookery

Here are two people I need to introduce: Yamini and Luis.


Yamini is from India  and visits a big market. Luis is from Mexico  and Luis eats with his family.


Take a look at the images below to see what they look like. We are going to find out about their favourite foods! Before we begin, what’s your favourite food? Why is that?

Meet Yamini from India and Luis from Mexico

Luis’ favourite food is his grandma’s homemade corn pancakes, called tortillas. These can be filled and fried to make enchiladas, and Luis’ favourite meal is enchiladas with cheese or tuna inside. Have you ever tried tortillas or enchiladas?


Yamini’s favourite food is flat bread (called paratha) filled with potatoes and onions. She also enjoys mangoes and watermelon every day in the summer. Which fruits do you love to eat several times a week? Why do they think these fruits are different from those Yamini eats? TIP: This will link to your understanding about climates around the world!


Luis lives in the Americas, a place which we are beginning to research in our topic this week. He, however, lives in North America. Luis sometimes visits the greengrocer’s shop. He sometimes helps his mum with the shopping. She chooses the vegetables and salad but he is often allowed to pick a cake afterwards. The green fruit on the penultimate slide are called black sapote or ‘chocolate pudding fruit’. Their pulp is dark brown and sweet, and they are good for making cakes and puddings.


What would you say is a traditional food from England? What would you tell someone visiting our country?


I have had lots of good conversations with many pupils over the last few weeks. A hot topic of conversation is always food! So, today, I thought you could research a traditional dish from a different country around the globe. Bonus points for linking this to South America.


When you’ve selected a country, investigate a traditional dish and find a recipe online, identifying what ingredients you have or those you might need to add to your weekly shop. Please don’t find something which has thousands of ingredients and spices which you’d need to travel miles to get! It could be something as simple as making enchiladas. There are lots of recipes online too.


HELP…I DON’T HAVE ANY OF THESE INGREDIENTS – even if you have the ingredients, create a sketch of two dishes you’d like to make. It could be linked to somewhere you have visited on holiday in the past or somewhere you have researched!


I look forward to seeing your pictures on the class blog!

Day 3 – P.E

It's time to grab your passports...


Today, you'll be going on a tour of the globe with a choice of a few dances you can attempt. Lucky for you, some will be for more than one person. Why not get brother, sister, mum or dad involved too!


Watch the clip through first, get a feel for what the movements are and the beat of the music. Have a go at the dance a few times and see where you need to make improvements as you go along.


Please remember to remove any valuable items in your room before you start flinging your arms around! 


Maybe you could share your dance routine with someone and gain some feedback.  Take a look at the app which I recommended previously to check your heart rate. Which dance routine makes your heart beat the fastest?



Waka Waka This Time For Africa

Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles

Irish Meadow Dance by O'Callaghan's Orchestra

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