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Uniform Requirements

The school uniform is as follows:

  • Boys - red school sweater (no hoodies); white, short-sleeved shirt; grey trousers or shorts; grey socks and black shoes.
  • Girls - red school sweater or cardigan; white, short-sleeved shirt; grey skirt, pinafore or trousers; white socks, red, white or grey tights; red and white checked dress for summer.

Pupils' shoes should give proper support. No heavy boots, trainers or high heels.


Pupils should have a school book bag and drawstring PE bag.


For break times the school also offers a reversible, fleece jacket printed with the school logo, red 'beanie' hats for winter and red caps for summer. We recommend for outer wear red , grey or black jackets.

Uniform is available to order online. 


The school P.E. kit consists of a red t-shirt; black shorts and black plimsolls or trainers.  This needs to be kept in a drawstring kit bag. In cold weather, tracksuit trousers may also be worn.


All items should be named.

Pupils should bring in an old shirt or apron for Art activities.


Parents are encouraged not to give permission for their child to have any form of body piercing or decoration such as nail polish, makeup, transfers or tattoos. However if they do give permission for ear lobes to be pierced then;
Piercing should be carried out so that the wound is healed when the child attends school.
One pair of small gold studs – not rings may be worn. The studs must be removed by the child when requested to do so for sport, swimming or any other activity on the grounds of Health and Safety.
Parents accept full liability for the wearing of studs, their loss and the potential damage to their own child.
Other body piercing is seen to be unnecessary and generally unacceptable on the grounds of Health and Safety for pupils. Any forms of permanent body decoration are unlawful for children of primary age. This would be considered a child protection matter.

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