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During the first half of the autumn term, we learnt about States of Matter.


We learnt how molecules are packed differently in solids, liquids and gases and showed this in a class drama piece. We examined how warm and cold different items were and were fortunate that Anglia Water gave us an online lecture on the water cycle. We followed this up by creating a comic strip about a water drop called Walther, and examined his journey through the water cycle. Our artistic muscles really enjoyed creating a scientifically labelled diagram of a volcano and our main investigation involved seeing whether combining bicarbonate of soda and vinegar would froth out of all the containers that we experimented with.


For the second half of the autumn term we studied Sound. We labelled a diagram of a human ear and invented a fair test to see whether increasing the size of our pinnae enabled us to hear better - it did!


In the Spring term we will be studying Living Things and their Habitats.