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We will continue our work from the Spring term with our study of plants, focussing on how flowers transform into fruits and seeds to perpetuate the cycle of life. Our beans will continue to grow this term which are all growing in a range of environments with different amounts of water, sunlight and heat, to help us compare and contrast the conditions of what beans need to gore. This will also transfer to our maths skills of measuring and comparing data.   We will continue to discuss the key  nutrients needed to help a plant grow and how we can be successful in planting our own seeds. 


For more information and helping at home please have a look at the curriculum map on our class page. Alternatively there is lots of great resources on BBC Bitesize:

Science Day 2021!


We had a brilliant day in Year Three! We started the day by discussing the question ' should we use selective breeding to make our food better?', each group was assigned a role and an opinion based on this and we had a whole class debate in character. The scientists who argued that selective breeding may go too far and effect humans won! The afternoon was filled with lots of plant-based activities, we started by each dissecting a daffodil, the children were amazed at the detail of each part and the function that contributes to the growing of a flower. Finally, we used food colouring to observe water transport through celery, this has helped our understanding of how plants need nutrients and how they travel. We are looking forward to finding out more about plants!