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We studied Rocks and Animals, including Humans during the Autumn term.


During Rocks we examined the properties of different types of rocks and discovering how they were formed. We will led an investigation into which types of rocks are best used for different tasks - such as kitchen counter tops, skate ramps and roof tiles. Our trip to Holbrook Creek enabled us to see the different layers of soil, and search for different rocks and fossils.


Our Animals, including Humans topic involved us exploring our skeletons and our muscles, as well as healthy eating. We investigated whether the length of our limbs affects are ability to jump and throw further, made a cardboard and elastic band version of our arms to demonstrate how biceps and triceps work and discussed the five different food groups: potatoes, bread, rice and other starchy carbohydrates; beans, pulses, meat, eggs, fish and other proteins, oils and spreads; vegetables and fruit; dairy and alternatives. We talked about how eating a balanced diet was important to help us grow.


Our scientific investigations in the Spring term will focus on Forces and Magnets and then move onto learning about Plants.

Starburst rock experiment

Can you solve this skeleton puzzle?