School Logo


Chair :  

Tiffany Sims (Yrs 1, 4 & 6)

Treasurer : 


Secretary : 

Katy Black (Years 2 and 4)

Staff reps : 

Emily Terry and members of SLT


Sharon Simmonds (Yr 2), Julia Walshaw (Yr 2), Natasha Cooper (Yr 4), Kevin Vincent (Yr 5), Angie Vincent (Yr 5), Laura Wedderburn (Yr F and 1).


The school has an active parents' organisation who raise money to assist the school through fundraising events e.g. non-uniform days, competitions, discos, bingo nights, fetes.


The money is used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Buying extra library books and classroom resources (dictionaries and thesauruses)
  • Purchasing electrical equipment for the classroom (interactive whiteboards and digital cameras)
  • Buying playground toys 


* * * * UPCOMING EVENTS * * * *

Please note that Holbrook Primary School have a Facebook PSA page which parents and friends of the school are always welcome to join.  To find our page search for 'Holbrook Primary School Association'.


New members of the committee are always welcome - please speak to one of the parents named above if you are interested in coming along to our meetings.


Following the PSA AGM the treasurer's report is available from the school office.