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Going Green, Holiday Here!


Our topic this term is 'Going Green, Holiday Here!' We will be doing lots of exciting learning based on our topic as well as linking our class text on the works of Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth. The life of Beatrix Potter and the environmental aspect of this topic links to our Geography work on the Lake District in which we will be looking at the positive and negative impacts of tourism, land distribution and economic trading within this area of the country. Our work across the subjects will be themed in line with our exciting new topic, for more detail on all the thematic learning we have planned please look at the Curriculum Map which is uploaded onto the Year Three class page. This also includes some suggestions of what you could do with your child at home


There are lots of great books based on this topic, I am sure the library has plenty, here is a few I would recommend borrowing:


The RoK homework project will be uploaded via Google Classroom, logins can be found in your child's home reading diaries.


The Rise of Humans


Our first topic is sure to excite and engage the class! We will be exploring ‘The Rise of the Humans’ immersing ourselves in history and culture right from the prehistoric ages to the Stone Age and finishing at the Iron Age. Starting by exploring the dinosaur era we will be discovering how life has changed over these time periods, focusing on key aspects of their lives and comparing these to our modern life. With such a broad time period, I hope the children will enjoy looking at how life has developed into what we have today and exploring the exciting things that happened to get here.


Our class text for this term is ‘Stig of the Dump’ By Clive King. This classic tale tells the story of young Barney who discovers Stig at the end of his Grandmas garden at the bottom of a pit, the exciting tales shares insight Stig’s animalistic lifestyle and Barney’s reaction to Stigs crazy ways! We will be using this for the basis of our Literacy work along with supporting texts


There are lots of great books based on this time period, I am sure the library has plenty, here is a few I would recommend borrowing:

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