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For our traditional tale this term, we will be using Androcles and the Lion. This wonderful tale of friendship between an animal and a human is set during the time of the Roman Empire and provides an excellent introduction to many aspects of society at the time.


We will then move on to reading and studying Charlotte's Web, another example of friendship between an animal and a human. Full of joy, humour, and profound emotions, Charlotte's Web tells a tale of the strength of companionship and the importance of embracing the uniqueness in each individual. It deserves its well-deserved reputation as one of the most wonderful children's books ever written.

Helping at home:


Providing regular opportunities for your child to practise spellings will help support your child’s English work in school. I have attached the year three and four spelling list for you to support your child with, however recapping year one and two spellings will also be useful.


Reading regularly with your child will also help your child’s spoken vocabulary - having a varied reading diet - including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays and instructional texts, hearing your child read, and asking your child book-based questions will help develop their love of reading and reading comprehension skills.