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Year 6




Welcome to Year 6

Meet the team:

Mr Perry - Class Teacher    

Mrs Rennison - Class Teacher   

Mrs Drury - Class Teacher (Summer 2)

Mrs Odell - Teaching Assistant


Summer Term Focus: 



Finding out about pirates and the history behind piracy.  Pupils will research famous pirates from history and write non-chronological reports on this topic.  

Maths work leads pupils to thinking about geometry and looking at Islamic patterns.  They will move on to learn about maths within art and the natural world.


Spring Term 1 Focus:



When Gunar’s father is taken by the Valykries to Valhalla, Gunar makes it his mission to bring his father back – but unfortunately, he is no fighter. Lost, alone, and blaming himself for what has happened to his father, Gunar has no idea how to set about his task, but then he encounters a mysterious old man who sets him on the right path. But then Gunar is captured and made to work as a slave – will his father be lost to him forever?


This engaging adventure offers a great opportunity for young readers to learn about the Vikings. Offering some intriguing insights into the history of this period, it is also an entertaining and appealing story in its own right.


Autumn 2 Focus:




This term year 6 will be focusing on the topic of WW1. In English, children will be reading a range of texts that give different perspectives of the war. We have started the term with War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.

Year 6 will specifically be tracking the life and experiences of Bertie Wombell, an ex-Holbrook pupil who joined the British Army in 1914. 

This term our art will be based around ‘Poppies’. This special flower represents the hardships soldiers faced in times of war and the importance of remembering the sacrifices made. 

Our focus in Humanities is the lives of soldiers during the war, specifically the Suffolk Regiment. Children will be researching the lives ex-Holbrook pupils and the significant battles they fought in France. 

In PE our focus this term in PE is ‘Invasion Games’ – with specific focus on basketball.


Autumn 1 Success:

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Picture 2
Picture 3

We have had a great start to the Autumn Term 1. During English sessions, we have focused on writing recounts using a wide range of texts. These have been fantastic and have really sparked the imagination of the children.   We've presented our work as diary entries, sequel stories and recounts from the imagination of characters. In the story Eric we put ourselves into the mind of an outsider and recounted our experiences of meeting people who are 'alien' to us. In The Day of Ahmed's Secret we looked at the importance of literacy in the modern world and recounted the experience of sharing this with our friends and family. In The Highwayman  we chose a character from the narrative to recount our experience of the tragic poem. The children have produced some great writing this term and I look forward to sharing it with you during parents evening. 



In PSHE this term we have focused on two topics: Being Me and Celebrating Difference. We have celebrated what makes us individuals, our rights as individuals and rewards/consequences of our life choices. The class have taken part in lots of debates where they have been able to put their ideas and suggestions forwards. These sessions have fed into our new behavior policy and have given the class opportunities to put their ideas to the councilors.


How can I help at home?




This is a question that is often asked. Our work in school is made easier with collaboration with parents at home. We are fortunate at Holbrook that we have many pro-active parents, supporting their children achieve great things. I'm aware that everyone has busy lifestyles - here a few things at home you could do support your child in Year 6:


Reading: Aim for your child to read for at least 20 minutes each day to build reading stamina. This is great preparation for the Reading Comp SATs.


Timetables:  Although we are in Year 6, it is still really good for children to know their timetables inside out. A solid understanding of this will allow children to transfer knowledge to all areas of the curriculum.


Homework: Homework sent out each week is dictated by topics covered that week/preparation the next week. Children will receive at least 1 piece of English and math homework per week and will need to return it by the following Friday.