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Year 6

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Class teacher: Mrs Rennison

English teacher: Mr Perry

Class TA: Mrs O'dell

Music teacher: Mrs Kerr

RE teacher: Mrs Coombes

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Year 5/6 October Half Term Homework 2019


This homework is in preparation for work we will be doing after half term when we will looking at and writing war poetry. We will be entering our poems in the Woodbridge School Poetry Competition by the November 1st deadline.


  1. Find and read at least three War Poems


Write on copies of the poems to show:

-the meaning of any words that you needed to look up in a dictionary.

-some of the verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs used in the poems

-examples of poetic devices that have been used e.g. similes, metaphors, alliteration etc.

-how the poet has used different senses when writing the poem e.g. what they can hear


  1. Finish reading Private Peaceful and complete at least 2 reading challenges using this novel


See the Year 6 class page on our school website for some example poems and suggested poetic devices.


Mr Perry

Example war poems

Information on poetic devices


Reading: It is imperative that Year 6 pupils are reading for at least 60 minutes a week at home. At Holbrook, we would also like them to reflect on their reading by completing reading a minimum of 2 challenges a week. Please check that your children are completing reading challenges and share the experience of reading the amazing class texts they are given with them. 



Timetables:  Practise times tables with your children up to 12 x 12. Children need to recall the multiplication facts e.g. 3 x 6 = 18 and 6 x 3 =18 also the division facts e.g. 18 divided by 3 = 6 and 18 divided by 6 = 3.

See -



Homework: Homework will be set every Friday and will need to be handed in by the following Friday. Maths homework will provide extra practise of work completed in class during the preceding week or it will revisit topics previously taught. In addition to the maths children need to complete the reading challenges set by Mr Perry, more details are given in the home reading diary. Spelling rules also need to be learned and practised weekly and there is a timetable in the spelling booklet detailing the spelling rule to be learned each week.


No Nonsense Spelling Homework

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