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Autumn Maths Overview:


As mathematicians we will begin by securing our knowledge of recognising and ordering numbers to 100. Our place value work will help develop our understanding on tens and ones and recognising these using a range of

manipulatives. This will link closely to our class texts, where beanstalks will help us count and beans will be used to support this! Our addition work will focus on recapping number bonds, using these to support our addition and subtraction work. We will use a range of concrete resource to support our mental arithmetic as well as begin to explore the written method for addition and subtraction. This will support our learning and understanding of the 2, 5 and 10 times table which we hope to secure by the end of the year.


How you can help....


Estimating amounts of objects at home

Practising doubling numbers with your child

Encouraging daily times table practice

Fun online games to support your child's learning