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Year 5

                Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teacher: Mr S. Reynolds

Trainee Teacher: Mrs R. Johnson (Autumn and Summer Term)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. C. Ryan

Learning Support: Mrs. R. Wallis

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs F. Andrews

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Picture 2 Mrs Andrews
Picture 3 Mrs Wallis


Our current class text:

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13th January 2020 - What are we learning about this week in Year 5?
Subject Overview for this week:
Maths This week is test week. We'll be checking what children know and identify gaps in their learning. We'll be focusing on how confident pupils are with the four operations and then do a gap analysis to see areas of development. After this, we'll be completing some open-ended problems which involve perimeter and area. Please get your child to explain how the area of a shape can be found (quadrilaterals) and also the perimeter. They should be able to explain how the area/perimeter can be found of a composite shape too. 

Reading: We'll be identifying how the relationship between Tom and Willie is developing. This week we'll read about when Willie has a surprise birthday party and how he reacts to this very special event. Based on this, children will be then predicting the next chapter 'The Case' and use this as a basis for our writing.

Spellings: We will be identifying words on the Year 5 and 6 spelling lists which pupils feel they need to practise further. Please take a look at these online and see what gaps there are!

Writing: The next chapter, 'The Case', will be used as the basis for our writing this week. Children will then be given the opportunity to write their own narrative using lots of the features we have discussed so far: informal language, use of relative clauses and modal verbs. Please take a look at what the end of Key Stage expectations are in Year 6. This will give children something to aim for. At present, children are very imaginative and use many great technical features.

Humanities We'll be cooking this week and making our very own wartime cakes. Children will be going out of the classroom and making these with Mrs Andrews. These will be coming home for you all to try too. Look out for the curriculum map for Spring Term 1 and 2 coming out soon.


Saving The Planet

Defining The Future

Spring Term 2020

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Please find below the Curriculum Maps and Class Newsletters. These are updated throughout the year and will give you a flavour of what we'll be learning about. There’s also some handy tips on how you can support your child at home.

Spring Curriculum Map 2020

Spring Newsletter 2020

Autumn Curriculum Map 2019

Autumn Newsletter 2019

Recent Visits: Imperial War Museum, London
Picture 1 A letter from Bertie to his family...

The French Alphabet

Take a look at this video we were watching in class. This video is great to practise the key sounds. Have a look at the fun, but ever so catchy, video below.

L'alphabet en Fran├žais

Un, deux, trois...get singing!

What trips have we got planned this term?

We are off to the Imperial War Museum in London. This visit will link to our current topic: The World at War.


The Imperial War Museum was founded in the midst of the First World War with a mission to preserve and tell the stories of all kinds of people, not only from Britain but from the countries of its empire.  And they continue to do this work right up to present day conflict, covering 100 years of experience throughout the Commonwealth.


As well as our permanent displays, they have a dynamic programme of temporary exhibitions, events and educational activities to help our visitors to get close to the lives of those affected by war and to develop a deeper understanding of its effect on the world.


Visit them by clicking here

Our Class Blog

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Reading is such an important element of our educational diet. This basic table illustrates why it is so important...