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September 2019 Place Value

September 2019    Place Value 1

This term we have begun by consolidating the children's knowledge of 2 digit numbers with numbers up to 1,000.  The children have built 3 digit numbers with diens blocks, compared amounts and found 10,100 and 1000 more than a given number.  To link with our Roman topic the children have had fun learning the value of each Roman Numeral.  Ask them to show you the Roman numerals for their age or even yours!


Ways to help your child at home:


When out and about with your child, look for 3 digit numbers.  Ask them how many hundreds, tens and ones there are in the numbers you find.  Then ask them what 100 less and more would be and then 300 more/less, each time adding a little more challenge.  If you have a clock with Roman numerals at home, ask them to tell you the time.